Herbs are been found to be of benefit to human kind.  Many herbs can be used in food, mainly for flavour, and many others can be used efficiently as medicines.   Herbs contain: vitamins, minerals and the specific active ingredients that give their unique medicinal effect.  Herbs have been studied in the laboratory, when possible. However, a large amount of berbs are being used by indigenous people.  Their study has been done in the nature, by indigenous people, over a long time of use that has confirmed their efficiency.   All this knowledge is not published in paper but all the local people would know that knowledge.

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“Am I being taken to Auschwitz?” my mind suddenly in panic? This is why several men and even women were making the sign of: “cutting the throat” to each other? But they were laughing at each other. This sign is telling us that we are being transported to be killed at Auchwitz. The germans did this massive killing during the second world war. I saw some of the men repeat their “cut throat” with a smile added to it. Yes, some men and some women in this wagon were looking around at the people in the wagon of this train. They still had their heads down keeping their smile on their lips. Silence quickly followed such a remark. Were they thinking that they should not have said it? We went on, train shaking, noisy. Not talking so much now. Only men make some small jokes now and then. Did this people travelling with us had already too much to drink? or was what was done a way to relax one’s mind?

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